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The process of pest control:

A pest control company is exactly that. It is a company that controls pest. It is not realistic to assume that once a pest problem has been treated you will never see another pest. Pest control is a process that involves good communication between the customer and the pest control operator. Next a thorough inspection of the home or business is performed.

Once an accurate diagnosis of the pests has been established, then the control begins. Pest control companies have many products from odor free to “Green” products that are effective to control pests yet keep the customer safe and comfortable. Once the pest has been identified, your well trained pest control operator (P.O.) will begin the control process. In many cases, this process can render a home pest free. How many services will it take to control my problem? That is a question that we hear all the time. It depends on the type of pest, how quickly the pest reproduces, how long the pest has been on the property reproducing and how much access the P.O. has to the environment that is affected. Most all pests require at least 2 treatments. One treatment to treat the adults and a second treatment to treat any eggs that hatch. There is no effective treatment for pests in the egg stage. Some insects reproduce rapidly and require monthly service until the problem is under control. Some pests are just the “occasional invader.”

Pest Control - BeesThe owner may see an insect now and 3-4 months later, see another one. Quarterly service is appropriate for the occasional invaders. That’s why the pest control operator depends so much on communication to diagnose the treatment plan. Once the pest hatches, there are products called Insect Growth Regulators (lOR’s), that are used and added to our pest products, for roaches and fleas for instance, that disrupt and impede the growth cycle, that will keep the insect from reaching its reproductive stage. Reducing the population and applying the appropriate pesticide, in turn, reduces and controls the pest! Your general pests are considered to be those like ants, spiders, roaches, ants, fleas, crickets and mice. In order to kill a pest, you must apply the product in or on the affected area. Where they are flying insects, how do you know where to apply the product? You don’t! That’s why the appropriate control for flying insects is to FOG. Fogging is not considered a part of general pest control.

Fogging compounds are more costly. The application of fogging compounds require special equipment on the PCO and extra measures of preparation to the environment that is being treated. Fogging is very effect, in that fogging compound acts as a flushing agent as well as a contact killer. Fogging compound goes everywhere that oxygen goes. Whether it be a heavy roach infestation, fruit flies, panty pests, drain flies, clothes moths or a heavy flea infestation, fogging compounds can be very effective! Pest control products are petroleum based so it is important to be aware of pilot lights or open flames in the environment that is being prepared for treatment. There are water based, fogging compounds that are used in environments where the PCO feels suspect that an open flame or pilot light may not be extinguished. Oil based, compound foggers is the product of choice if the home owner or business owner can insure there is no possibility of open flame. It produces better results and has proven excellent control in just one visit, in some cases. Oil based fogging compounds can leave a light glaze of the product on the furniture and floor.

Pest Control Protect Your FamilyCaution should be used when re-entering an environment that has been fogged. Floor surfaces can be slightly slippery. The PCO will tag the door of the environment that has been fogged, cautioning customers not to enter for at least 4 hours. This gives the product enough time to do its job and keeps everyone safe! Rodents are no longer a winter pest. Rodents such as mice, Norway rats and Roof rats can come out at anytime of the year! Rodents are known to carry a lot of disease. Rodents have a habit of traveling the same path everyday unless their path is disturbed. Remember where there are rodents there can be snakes, so it is important to secure all noticeable openings around HVAC lines, gas lines and plumbing to deter rodents access to your home. Keeping an eye on excessive moisture, scooping your yard of fecal matter from pets and to avoid seeding and feeds while a rodent problem is in progress, is very important! If you have have grass seed, bird seed, cat food, dog food or any seed or feed on the property, it should be stored in a container with a lid; Preferably an aluminum container that the rodent cannot gnaw through. Remember rodents can do a lot of damage to hot tubs, insulation, HVAC lines and electrical wires. A little bit of steel wool mixed with some foam insulation around those opening can prevents hundreds of dollars worth of repairs.

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